About Us

Our Story

London Regional Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital provides specialty veterinary care and 24/7 emergency services for pet owners in London and throughout Southwestern Ontario. Formerly known as the Veterinary Emergency Clinic (VEC), the practice began in London in 1981 and moved to our current location in 1991. Since its creation, the hospital has been dedicated to providing high-quality, compassionate veterinary care when your pet needs us. The transition from an after-hours and weekend only emergency service to a 24/7 operation was made in 2011 in order to provide a more continuous and advanced level of care


The Surgical Referral Service began operating out of the current facility in 1996, with dogs and cats being referred from a wide region for specialized surgical procedures. In 2012, the Rehabilitation Therapy Unit was created to provide care for pets recovering from injury, disease and surgical procedures.

In 2014, the founding emergency and surgical practices partnered with each other to expand and renovate the facility and create a hospital capable of providing intensive and specialized care to pets from throughout Southwestern Ontario. In the coming years, London Regional Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital plans to continue to grow with the addition of new services to better serve the needs of our patients, their owners, and their family veterinarians.

Our Mission

London Regional Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital is dedicated to providing a medically current, high standard of care in a professional, respectful, and compassionate manner. We practice a team approach to patient care, emphasizing the importance of communications between our patients’ families, their referring veterinary teams, and our staff in a supportive, respectful and honest professional relationship to provide seamless continuity of care.

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the
way its animals are treated

Mahatma Gandhi