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The London Regional Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital is capable of accommodating up to 65 patients providing intensive care, medical, surgical, and rehabilitation services. We have a large reception area, 10 examination rooms, feline only room and dog room with large runs. Our two stage isolation ward is equipped with its own ventilation system separate from the rest of the hospital designed to keep our patients safe from highly contagious diseases while at the same time providing compassionate care to those patients who require isolation. We are equipped with 2 surgery suites, a medical and an emergency procedures room. The large treatment area allows our team to work with patients and clients while still closely monitoring and interacting with patients as needed. Our on-site pharmacy allows us to provide the necessary medications to our patients with little or no delay. Our in-house laboratory allows us to perform tests such as biochemistries, complete blood counts (CBC’s), blood gases, electrolytes, clotting time profiles and other advanced tests so that we can tailor our patients’ care in real-time. We are also equipped with digital radiography, an ultrasound, an endoscope, a fluoroscope for simultaneous radiography while in surgery, and much more. Our rehabilitation unit features specialized rubber flooring, an underwater treadmill and specialized equipment.

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The Hospital is dedicated to providing a medically current, advanced, high standard of care in a compassionate manner. We practice a team approach to patient care, emphasizing the importance of communications between our patients’ families, their referring veterinary teams, and our staff in a supportive, respectful, and honest professional relationship to provide seamless continuity of care.

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