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London Regional Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital is well equipped with the necessary equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals to provide complete emergency medical, surgical, diagnostic, laboratory and radiography services. London Regional Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital has the facilities to hospitalize pets for intensive care treatment, post-operative care, observation and medical therapy. We are dedicated to providing intensive care for the treatment of critically ill or injured pets. We also provide veterinary services for the prompt relief of other mishaps or ailments that may not be life-threatening, but are painful or cause for concern on the part of the pet owner.

Patients are triaged based on the urgency of their condition. We appreciate your patience and understanding that accidents and serious medical cases will be seen before non-life threatening cases. It is always our goal to attend to your pet as soon as possible in accordance to need.


After the initial examination of your pet and consultation with our veterinarian, you will be presented with the most appropriate treatment options for your pet’s condition. An estimate of costs will be reviewed before commencing treatment on your pet. London Regional Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital is committed to maintaining close communication with your family veterinarian any time your pet has visited.  Once your pet has been discharged, a full medical record will be sent to your family veterinarian so they will always have a complete medical history.

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The Hospital is dedicated to providing a medically current, advanced, high standard of care in a compassionate manner. We practice a team approach to patient care, emphasizing the importance of communications between our patients’ families, their referring veterinary teams, and our staff in a supportive, respectful, and honest professional relationship to provide seamless continuity of care.

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