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Dogs and cats can suffer from many of the same neurologic disorders as human beings. Pets suffering from neurological conditions may present with a large spectrum of clinical signs which may include seizure activity, exercise intolerance, weakness, mentation changes, lethargy, stiffness, lameness, unsteady gait, head tilt, facial asymmetry, facial twitching and pain of unknown origin.

Diagnosing and treating a neurologic disorder can be complex which is why family veterinarians will often turn to our Neurology Department for expert advice and/or care.

Our Neurology Department specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous system. When a patient presents to this service, our goals are to characterize the clinical signs, and to determine where the problem is located within the nervous system. With the help of a good history from the client, a list of conditions is established and a diagnostic plan is discussed.

Procedures Offered:

  • Standard radiographs
  • Spinal fluid analysis
  • Magnetic imaging procedures (MRI) (available offsite)
  • CT Scan (available offsite)
  • Specific blood analysis
  • serum titers and levels
  • Muscle and nerve biopsies

The Conditions We See:

  • Seizure activity
  • Neuromuscular conditions such as neuro/myopathy and myasthenia gravis
  • Meningitis and encephalitis
  • Caudal occipital malformation, syringomyelia/hydromyelia
  • Spinal cord conditions including intervertebral disc diseases, wobbler syndrome, cancer

What to Expect:

Presently the neurology service offer appointments every Thursday and Friday. Consultations take place at the LRVERH, and patient transportation for advanced imaging can be arranged. Appointments can be made by filling out the referral form and then phoning the main line at 519-432-3300 any time during the week.

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