Referral Forms

Emergency, Surgery, Neurology, and Internal Medicine Referral Form:

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Please right-click with your mouse Here and click “Save Linked File As” to download the PDF version. After filling out the form you will be able to E-Mail it to us using the “E-Mail” link in the bottom right corner of the form.

Rehabilitation Therapy Referral Form:

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These forms can be printed out and faxed once they have been filled out. Or they can be opened up with any word processor or PDF reader, filled out, saved and e-mailed to Our fax number is: (519) 432-0298.

Collateral Orders

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American College of Veterinary Surgeons

The American College of Veterinary Surgeons is the American Veterinary Medical Association specialty board which sets the standards for advanced professionalism in veterinary surgery

Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society

The objective of the Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society is to raise the level of patient care for seriously ill or injured animals through quality education and communications programs.

The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of animals and people through education, training and certification of specialists in veterinary internal medicine, discovery and dissemination of new medical knowledge, and increasing public awareness of advances in veterinary medical care.

American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Advancing knowledge of canine and equine sports medicine and rehabilitation

American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians

AARV is a national assoication of veterinarians dedicated to improving the quality of life in animals through physical medicine and rehabilitation

International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management

IVAPM seeks to promote, enhance, and advance pain management in animals

Canine Rehabilitation Institute

CRI provides veterinary and physical therapy professionals with top-notch training in canine rehabilitation

College of Veterinarians of Ontario

The College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO) regulates the practice of veterinary medicine in Ontario to protect the public interest.

Ontario Veterinary Medical Association

The OVMA is committed to advancing and promotiong excellence in veterinary medicine, the betterment of animal health and contributing to the protection of human health

Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians

As an essential part of the veterinary healthcare team, foster integrity and innovation to support and advocate for our members, our communities, and the animals that we care for

Small Animal Clinic at the Ontario Veterinary College – University of Guelph

The OVC teaching hospital offers medical and surgical care for small and large animals while training future veterinarians in a challenging clinical environment

Pet Poison Helpline

Pet Poison Helpline is a 24-hour animal poison control service available throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean for pet owners and veterinary professionals who require assistance with treating a potentially poisoned pet.

London Humane Society

The London Humane Society works to assist animals by providing them with a home until they can be adopted into a new family. They offer shelter and care, including medical care, to hundreds of animals each year.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The ASPCA believes that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans, and must be protected under the law. Learn more about our history, mission, and what we do to help animals nationwide.

Find a Wildlife Rehabilitator

Wildlife rehabilitators in Ontario are authorized by the Ministry of Natural Resources to care for wildlife in distress until they can be released back into the wild. These volunteers work in a range of environments, from a large facility to their own backyard.

Where to Stay

Pet Friendly Accommodations in London, Ontario:

Comfort Inn 1156 Wellington Road, London 519-685-9300

Ramada Inn 817 Exeter Road, London 519-681-4900

Howard Johnson Inn 1170 Wellington Road, London 519-681-1550

Four Points Hotel & Suites Sheraton 1150 Wellington Road, London 519-681-0600

Best Western Lamplighter Inn 591 Wellington Road, London 519-681-7151

London Hotel and Suites 855 Wellington Road South, London 519-662-7900 / 855-543-2924

Motel 6 810 Exeter Road, London 519-680-0900 / 866-616-8181

Delta London Armouries 325 Dundas Street, London 519-640-5004

Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy 

1. The Privacy Officer is the Hospital General Manager. All questions, concerns and complaints can be directed to the Privacy Officer.

2. All staff members are required to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

3. Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are established with all referring veterinary clinics.

4. Every client will receive a personal information consent form to sign. These forms will be kept with the admissions form and flow sheet. Every attempt will be made to obtain the express consent of an individual. Implied consent will not be in writing, but the circumstances relating to the provision of implied consent shall be such that a reasonable person would conclude that the individual has consented, or would consent, if asked, to situations where consent is given verbally, either in person or over the telephone.

5. Anytime consent is given verbally; the person receiving the consent must document it in the medical record. The name of the person receiving the consent, the name of the person giving the consent (Mr., Mrs., Ms. clients last name or first name) and what they consented to – procedure and cost quoted must be included.

6. Employees must not discuss cases in front of other clients or outside of this facility. Employees should be aware of what information they are communicating to a client and who is within hearing distance – especially in the reception area.

7. Disposal or destruction of personal information will occur by shredding. Any type of paper with any personal information must be shredded. This includes telephone messages with an individual’s name and telephone number. They cannot be put in the garbage without shredding. Any additional copies of admission forms, receipts or medical records must either be filed according to client number or shredded before disposal.

8. Any time personal information is faxed to a referring veterinarian the file will be marked faxed. Any files marked faxed will have been sent to the referring family veterinarian indicated on the admissions sheet.

9. An individual providing personal information to this veterinary facility may address any question, concern or complaint regarding this facility’s compliance to the Privacy Officer. Privacy Officer – Tracy Hill -email:

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